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Our story

Nadiha Prayas discover our society have lots of trouble like poverty, education, health and may other things.we all have to boost up and make bigger impact of facilitating for empowerment of women,girls,children from poor in Purulia, West Bengal, India. On this vision we have to walk.

 In 2012, 5 years after starting the Nadiha Prayas,compelled to provide basic education, health awareness camp, social activity,etc. As she thought through the solution, she believed that the answer lay in a people’s movement that needed to come together to provide every child in India an excellent education. The prime aim of education is to achieve fullness of perfection already present in a child. According to Swami Vivekananda “all material and spiritual knowledge is already present in man covered by a curtain of ignorance”.

David W.Jones Said, “Sometimes failure is the opposite of success, but sometimes failure can be the pathway to success”. So, from the day one to till Now, We improve more and more, but even today We are not able to reach our goal and our target because here have lot’s of milestone and we try to overcome each milestone repeatedly and that’s why We have lot’s of hard work to do. We know our ability and potential which always help us. Special Note : Nadiha Prayas is a Registered as Govt. of West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961. Just click NGO DARPAN or NGO Portal.

Founders & Visionaries

Our Founders & Visionaries Name , Designation & Quotes Given Here

” First of all, I am appreciate to be here to expressing my immense gratitude to the support of all members.We all Take some promise and it’s made possible in the future for developing our Society.  “

Tarun Banerjee


”  I am pleased and honored to meet you here on a theme of exceptional relevance to the implementation of the some approachable targets. I thank you for your support and I hope all We give best effort for future.  “

Pranab Rakshit


Our Approach

“Nadiha Prayas facilitating empowerment of women, girls & children from poor and marginalized communities.”

Our Mission

“Nadiha Prayas facilitating empowerment of women, girls & children from poor and marginalized communities.”

Our Goal

 “Our goal is to be the leading child development, health improvement, basic education, formal education, computer education organization in India.”

Volunteer Opportunity 

If you have ever wished to be practiced to reach something for the greater pleasurable, the epoch could not be more right. Remember! You realize not having to create objector changes for your efforts to add going on, because the small changes create a colossal difference. The volunteer opportunities arise across our projects & programs in the pitch of Health, Education, Yoga Camp, Livelihoods & during Disaster admission, and plus at the era of any emergency and during our activity and campaign.


  • Sponsor a Child
  • Education Kit
  • Needed Books

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