Cloth Donation Event

Organized By Nadiha Prayas

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By Nadiha Prayas

After General Meeting We decide to arrange Cloth Donation Event for Durga Puja Festival. Festival is a joy of a community. Every one have right to celebrate the festival.

Nadiha Prayas support all community , all religions and  humanism. We collect some fund for this good cause. We select some poor  old age person who not capable to get some cloth to were. We give them a little of joy by giving them some cloth.     

Nadiha Prayas a Non – Government organization which established 02.12. 2012 . It Will be conduct many social event , program, activity etc. Team Nadiha Prayas focus on child, women and also old age person. Team always support for better child education, women empowerment and also do the same thing to old age person.

We select a native village and our team observe some old age person and select some of them who actually poor.

After getting the cloth all of the beneficially vary happy and bless our team. “Oh what a Experience” – Team Nadiha Prayas. 

Team Nadiha Prayas thanks to everyone who contribute us.


Benefit of Donating Clothes :

You may have seen trucks driving through neighborhoods or receptacles set up in mall parking areas to gather old clothes. This demonstrates there’s significance related to giving clothes versus just discarding them. The best kinds of clothes to give are ones that aren’t harmed; they are essentially things you haven’t worn in year and a half or somewhere in the vicinity. You can put them to all the more likely use than as storage room apparatuses.