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Nadiha Prayas a non – Profit Organization. Also Provide Volunteer Service as usual. We have more than 50 volunteer who vary energetic and vary polite nature. Always they ready to serve for our society.

Our Team participate many social event , disaster concern and social calamity. Every NGO depend on their volunteer activity.    

Main 5 reasons to volunteer for an NGO :


1. You make strategies for the country/world

While in schools and universities you intend to change a couple of things all over, in a NGO your plans can go much past. You plan and strategize to change the nation ,the world . Your objectives are not multi week or 2 weeks but rather spread crosswise over years and decades.

2. Better networking:

This is the best systems administration you can get. In corporate world your systems depend on shared advantage ,yet in NGO it’s for a shared objective. In most different sorts of systems administration your System is a rundown of your colleagues yet in the NGO world it is a rundown of individuals who turn into your best buddies,your tutors ,individuals you regard and individuals who regard you.

3.Lesser Egos:

It has been seen that conduct of individuals change when they are in a circumstance where they are helped to remember moral qualities and optimism, for example, close Schools,In houses of worship and in temples.This is actually why when you meet really committed individuals in a NGO you will see their Gatekeepers down, individuals turned out to be significantly more open,much more prepared to change and considerably more slanted to tune in to all purposes of view.Suddenly there can be organization in the tumult of a NGO basic leadership process.

4.It opens your mind:

Take a stab at working with any NGO and you will perceive what I mean,you gain a feeling of point of view and begin seeing the effect of little things. You understand what is more vital.


The odds of being a pioneer or learning administration are substantially more in NGO area than some other. It takes around 4-5 years to wind up a leader in an IT field yet in a NGO you could be doing that the minute you join.It all relies upon what you will do .It isn’t important to try and go along with them full-time.

More importantly you can learn the meaning of true leadership very early on such as :


(1) Post does not make a difference as much as the work/job

(2) Contrast between upheld authority and earned initiative

(3) Significance of NOT being a pioneer some of the time

(4) How to be a decent adherent

(5) How to persuade individuals

(6) While I pointed out different Experts of working with NGOs ,I am not marking down the presentation and experience you get in corporate sector.This article is just to call attention to some of the specific one of a kind takeaways from NGO area.

 Nadiha Prayas a Non – Government organization which established 02.12. 2012 . It Will be conduct many social event , program, activity etc. Team Nadiha Prayas focus on child, women and also old age person. Team always support for better child education, women empowerment and also do the same thing to old age person.

My own conviction is that your learning and self-improvement can be quickened by working in this segment . Keep in mind when you join a NGO ,you are not simply doing it for offering back to society, but on the other hand are increasing substantially more .

Volunteer Opportunity : 

If you have ever wished to be able to do something for the greater good, the time could not be more right. Remember! You do not have to make radical changes for your efforts to count, because the small changes make a big difference.The volunteer opportunities arise across our projects and programs in the field of Health, Education, Livelihoods and during Disaster response, and also at the time of any emergency and during our events and campaigns.

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