Health Awareness Program

Health is wealth. There is nothing in our life that is more valuable than good health. Without health there is no happiness, no peace and no success.
We take an initiative to cover more than 10 primary schools and aware students about Health, hygiene & precaution from DENGUE fever. Dengue is fast emerging pandemic-prone viral disease in many parts of the world.

Health Awareness about Dengue Mosquitoe
Child Education Support by Nadiha Prayas

Free Education Support

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods add up storytelling, aeration, teaching, training, and research. Literacy percentage of Purulia district is 56.14 %, which is not subsequent to ease satisfactory. So, We manage to pay for discharges coaching for poor students who are not being adept to achieve their attainment.

Computer Training Program

Computer training is the gaining to use computers and related technology, efficiency, subsequent to a range of skills covering levels .From the elementary use of programming and futuristic hardship solving. Computer literacy can in addition to manage to the comfort level someone has subsequent to using computer programs and accessory applications that are joined to the front computers.

Computer Training Photo form Nadiha Prayas
Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

All we know “save tree save a life”, Nadiha Prayas also go to this way where we organized the tree plantation programme and try to plant a number of trees. Not only that we also encourage other people to do the same things.

Carrier Counselling

We know how important is Carrier Counselling for the student. Every student a bit of nervus about their future planning. We organized free carrier counselling for H.S passed student, We guide them to improve their carrier in future. We are counselling them with the help of a counsellor.

Carrier Counselling
Clean India Image

Clean India Initiative

After launching the program “Swacch Bharat Mission” or “Clean India Initiative” by our honourable P.M Narendra Modi on 2nd October, We decide to celebrate this day as remembering of Gandhi Jayanti and “Clean India Initiative” as well.
We choose a native village in our locality. Then Nadiha Prayas arrange health and hygiene awareness initiative. Including that We also teach the importance of “Swatch Bharat Mission” or “Clean India“. My Bangla News Covered Our Programed.